Eternal Matter

“But by the almighty power of God it is not only possible that something should be made of nothing (the God of nature is not subject to the laws of nature), but in the creation it is impossible it should be otherwise, for nothing is more injurious to the honour of the Eternal Mind than […]

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My 3rd post on this: Read The Prodigal God!

On the last page of World magazine (February 28, 2009), Marvin Olasky wrote a one page article, “Prodigal sons:  Part of the evangelical problem is knowing which brother we are“. Read this.  And then pick up the book, The Prodigal God (Dutton, 2008) by Tim Keller. It is the true gospel that must deliver me every day […]

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Greek apologists and creation out of nothing

I need to think about this.  Culver makes an interesting observation: “Very early, Christian theologians had to deal with the views of the origin of the world held by pagan authors and schools as well as heretical views among Christian teachers who were affected by the pagans.  The Greek ‘Apologists’ of the second century and […]

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Exploring Mormon Thought: Of God and Gods by Blake Ostler (part 1)

Blake kindly sent me his third book in his Exploring Mormon Thought series.  I have the first two books on my shelf.  So far, I have read the preface and the first chapter of this third book. Blake opens up with a clear, succinct ambition in his preface (dated February 9, 2008): My project has been a […]

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Imprecatory Prayers – Butcher the wicked!

“Lord, you know my heart.  Search me.  Purify me.  I hunger for Your justice.  Take the wicked and lead them like lambs to the slaughterhouse.” Hmm . . . I hear that there is a stir among conservative Christians about the possibilities of limiting Christian content on radio and Internet. Spoken in public, I wonder what control […]

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Why are we interested in creation?

James Orr postulates a heart question. The interest of religion in the doctrine of creation is that this doctrine is our guarantee for the dependence of all things on God–the ground of our assurance that everything in nature and Providence is at His disposal.  “My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth.”  […]

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B.B.C. Music Today – Celebration of the Creator Sunday

How Great is Our God!

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Happy Valentines

My little girl, Mariah Noelle (age 9), worked on frosting this cake. Tonight, we had a great feast in the Wood family:  Idaho steak, Idaho spuds and gravy, salad, and dessert. (p.s. – Have you ever tried a Farr Idaho Huckleberry Cordial?  It is decadent.)

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400th Year of the KJV – Upcoming Celebrations

By his Maiesties speciall commandement Who wants to go with me to London, Cambridge, and Oxford in 2011? HT: JG

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Greek Philosophy corrupting our beliefs on creation

Did I get your attention with this title? (I have been thinking about science and creation this week.  So has LDS Dave B. over in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I invite you all to our “Celebration of the Creator” this Sunday.  It is going to be great.) Paul Garner of BCM writes, One of the most important […]

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